Lessons learned from making a website in 2011

I’ve just about finished my first site of 2011 and as ever learnt some things along the way. Lesson one: Killing IE6 only makes things slightly easier The Internet hates Internet Explorer 6. Not supporting it was a weight off my mind but look at your browser list without it and you’d be forgiven for… Read more »

Web directions @media 2010

Attended my first @media conference this week, all really good talks that left me with lots to try and research. Fridays keynote was excellent, Andy Clarke spoke about hard-boiled web design. The idea was that by designing and developing to include the weaker browsers we’re putting limits on what we can achieve. Andy’s approach is… Read more »

Circular Animation

Circles are prettier than than straight lines, that’s basically fact. This quick script places and rotates items around a central point. This was going to be the basis of a contextual menu, I’ve gone off the idea but since I’d already wrote the basic code! Circular animation script

JavaScript patterns. Closures, jQuery plugins

I’ve been re-writing a lot of JavaScript recently, as part of a move from Prototype to jQuery, and it’s given me a great chance to concentrate on how it’s written rather than what’s written. Carousel implementation Plugins are a major plus in jQuery, but they’re not suited to everything. A plugin is called to act… Read more »

Implementing 3D Secure

3D Secure (3DS) is an authorisation step that can be added to a purchase journey, it’s aim to avoid card fraud by asking for additional security information. There has been lots of discussion/criticism around it’s implementation, my aim in this post is not about these issues but about how to actually implement it. The 3DS… Read more »

IE bugs I didn’t know about yesterday

Internet explorer has many differences from the other browsers, and many bugs besides, today I ran into two more. iframe with height:0 still leaves space in IE8 On the site I’ve been working on there is third party tracking, using an iframe. Since we need this to remain invisible, so as to not leave gaps,… Read more »

Canvas image animations

In this example I’m using Canvas to replace Flash as a means to display and animate a pseudo 3D phone. I create an image element for each frame of the animation and apply a handler for it’s load event. As each image loads it is added to the list of frames, and if it’s… Read more »

HTML Canvas – Forget any Flash basics you know

There is lots of noise at the moment around HTML 5, and Canvas is a big part of that. You may expect the Canvas element to be a straight replacement for Flash, but it’s lacking that level of abstraction present in Flash. The name canvas is literal, the element only acts as a painting area,… Read more »