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Interactive Development Standards

I’ve recently been contributing to a set of front-end standards for Sapient, you can see the results at It’s a working document that will hopefully evolve over time. My focus was on the organisation of JavaScript. It was a more complicated task than I’d anticipated as I couldn’t assume that our developers were all… Read more »

Buzzwords and the layman

Web development is a weird specialty. There are reams of excellent articles and references by writers often evangelical about how the web should be built, from the tools you use, through the way you code it to the servers it’s sits on. There can be no profession more open than web development, literally everything you… Read more »

"The Web Behind the Medium" – An article for the Idea Engineers Blog

Over the past few months I’ve been amazed at how simple it can be to reuse the same code and structures on quite different devices. When I was asked to write an article for Sapient’s Idea Engineer blog I straight away knew that was what I wanted to talk about. The purpose of the article… Read more »

Open up to better project tools

Project tools are there to support the project. If those tools are sub-standard then it’s likely they will cost your team time and raise their irritation levels. An annoyed developer is a dangerous thing, we’re fully capable of complaining about minor things for hours so imagine what seriously crap bit of software can do. When… Read more »

Looseideas in 2011

I’ve made a few changes to this site recently, the blog is now upfront and the old “content” has gone. Previously I maintained this site to pad out my portfolio, but since working at Sapient I’ve ignored and patched it until the code is mush From now on it’s going to have a change of… Read more »

Game Dynamics and Life Data

When the Xbox 360 launched it brought with it Gamerscore, a cumulative score based upon the earning of achievements. I use the word ‘earned’ purposely, the larger scores often require a lot of time and dedication. On Xbox Live I have just shy of 3000 achievement points, I spent an hour this morning trying to… Read more »

Internets all the way down

The biggest change in the digital world over the past five years has been the change in how the average consumer expects to be able to interact with a brand online. In 2010, there were 12.5 billion devices connected to the Internet. Cisco IBSG predicts there will be 25 billion by 2015 and 50 billion… Read more »

Lessons learned from making a website in 2011

I’ve just about finished my first site of 2011 and as ever learnt some things along the way. Lesson one: Killing IE6 only makes things slightly easier The Internet hates Internet Explorer 6. Not supporting it was a weight off my mind but look at your browser list without it and you’d be forgiven for… Read more »

Web directions @media 2010

Attended my first @media conference this week, all really good talks that left me with lots to try and research. Fridays keynote was excellent, Andy Clarke spoke about hard-boiled web design. The idea was that by designing and developing to include the weaker browsers we’re putting limits on what we can achieve. Andy’s approach is… Read more »

Jakob Nielsen – "Let’s drop password masking"

Jakob Nielsen’s latest Alertbox article says we should ditch password masking. “Usability suffers when users type in passwords and the only feedback they get is a row of bullets. Typically, masking passwords doesn’t even increase security, but it does cost you business due to login failures.” <a href=””>Stop Password Masking</a> For me,… Read more »